Hand Deck

The primary means of play. Used in conjunction with a fate deck for the full adventure, but can still play as a basic action version of the game. Duels, battles, wars and even narrative role play.

Make one yourself or buy the official classic deck here.

Fate Deck

The full adventure experience. Classes, Creatures, Characters, Lore and a Dragon. 169 Scenarios. Millions of possibilities. Fate Deck adds a Narrative RPG element along with many modes and many ways of play.

Buy the deck, Try the free demo or print/view a PDF for reference play.

Kingdom Club

Unite with other players, explore expanded lore, fan art/ fiction, gain early access, support the game and much much more.

Visit the many chapters of the Kingdom Club.

-A Royal Casino Fantasy-

Chess meets Poker meets D&D

Brave the dangers of the 13 Kingdoms, as they strive for peace in the Warring Royal Realm.

Slay the Dragon and uncover the mysteries surrounding Handland and the hidden regency..

Choose your way. Grasp your destiny.


Crystal Junction Team is dedicated to providing elegant highly strategic gaming experiences unlike any other.

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